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Our rustic wooden bar can be constructed into 3 different sizes to suit all events and large guest lists. From weddings, private parties, community events and festivals. 

Perfect inside the main marquee or we have our own Capri Marquee, which our bar sits perfectly under.

All of our glasses are Polycarbonate, cutting down on the use of disposableable plastic.

Polycarbonate is a hardened reusable plastic, they look very close to real glass but are virtually un-breakable. Making them perfect for outdoor venues.

Card machine (3G/4G dependant) or cash. We can organise the bar so the guests pay for their own drinks, a tab amount or act as a 'Free Bar'.

150+ Guests: Free Hire

100+ Guests: £100

-100 Guests: £300

Prices include full set up, staffing and license. Some areas will incur a travel charge

We have an extensive drinks list, using a local Cider & Ale. Any drinks can be adapted to your requirements supplied by our experienced bar staff.

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